Sometimes Change Feels Like Pulling of a Band-Aid

McAuley MusingsSometimes change happens when we least expect it.

It’s as if the rug has been pulled out from under us. We’re left on the floor wondering what the hell just happened. It stings and burns. It was forced upon us. We have no plan and don’t even know what our options are.

Sometimes change feels like pulling off a band-aid.

We’re stunned. We don’t quite know what our next step is.

What can you do when change happens to you?

Choose to move ahead with your life. Whether you’re stunned by news from work or home, it’s time to assess your options. All we can do is move ahead.

Sure we have to heal the old wounds. Sometimes we have to forgive someone we don’t like just to get to a better place. That can sting too but we have to do it.

Happiness comes from the inside, not the other way around.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

It doesn’t come without anger and tears.

Happiness comes from choosing how we react to change, even when we’re not in control of the changes. It means pulling ourselves by our bootstraps to a new, brighter future.

It might not feel like it today but change is good especially when we choose to make it so.

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